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Get in touch with us today regarding general enquiries or on Mergers and Acquisitions matters

Global Schools Foundation Head Quarters

27, Punggol Field Walk
Singapore 828649

+65 6914 7000

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you are looking for potential growth opportunities for your school(s), you have come to the right place. Under our motto, “Nurturing Global Citizens”, we will carry on your legacy through meaningful collaboration with your vision and our mission to provide quality education around the world at a competitive price.

Our Global Presence

We are the largest not-for-profit foundation with 22 years experience in K12 education. We own and operate 11 international school brands with 64 campuses in 11 countries across Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia and the Middle East.

Throughout our school brands, the common theme is our dedication to providing the best learning outcomes through high-quality, 21st-century education, multicultural teaching faculty, diverse state-of-the-art infrastructure, and preparing future leaders through education.

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International School Brands
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Our Objectives

School acquisitions have played a significant role in our institution’s progress as we diligently work towards meeting our vision and mission. Our objective remains three-fold:

Continue the world-class education of your institution through new-age EdTech methodology, which will help create better outcomes for students.

Take measures to give strategic direction to your school’s growth through expertise, efficacy and excellence.

Provide robust support to school development through our award-winning practises, talent acquisition and retention, and analytical prowess.

Why Choose Us

We understand that school education is a work of passion and the legacy of a school needs to be passed on to capable hands in case you are thinking of retirement, merger, selling or changing careers.

By choosing Global Schools Foundation, you will be entrusting your school(s) to an institution with more than 22 years of experience, more than 500 awards in education excellence, and consistently good academic and non-academic performance.

We understand people, we understand value, and our partnership will benefit all. To schedule a confidential meeting with us, just fill in the following information, and we will get in touch with you.

Our Team

We know that change can be overwhelming, but we have an experienced team that will help make this transition smooth. Communicative, caring and collaborative, our team will put your mind at ease and work with you to preserve your legacy, respect your stakeholders and retain your reputation.

Kaustubh Bodhankar

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Global Schools Foundation

Mr Bodhankar brings more than twenty years of management and

business development experience to the Foundation. He has spearheaded the functioning of the Foundation’s entities to bring quality and excellence standards to business practises.

Harjesh Singh Kaushal

Director - Finance & Corporate Development, MENA Region

Harjesh is the Director of Business Development and Finance. He is a

senior member of GSF’s  “growth” team and is responsible for global M&A, partnerships, liaising with various government agencies and creating new growth opportunities. He is also the MENA region’s finance controller and leads the regional F&A team.

Commander Bharat Unercat

Senior Director - Business Development and Project Management

Commander Bharat comes with vast experience in international business

development, negotiations, supply chain and project and agile project management. He has over 36 years of experience in people management, of which 24 years were dedicated to a military career where he acquired skills and qualities pertinent to the corporate world.

Harsh Temurnikar

Associate Director, Growth and Investments - GSF

Based in Singapore, Harsh is part of the business development team at

Global Schools Foundation. He is responsible for global M&A, deal sourcing and liaising with various government agencies.

He is an engineer by qualification from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) and graduated in Chemical Engineering as the top 15% of his batch. He started his career with the manufacturing division of Godrej Industries Ltd in Gujarat. He has experience in marketing, and has led GSF marketing initiatives in GIIS and OWIS, including implementation of CRMs across all campuses. He was also involved in the set up of Global Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (GCIE) in GSF campuses across the group.