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Affordable Primary School with Premium Education

Lets admit, international school education in Singapore is expensive.

Expat parents looking for well-established primary schools that offer premium education at pocket-friendly fees have limited choices. Especially those with more than one child are burdened with exorbitant school fees.

Why are international primary schools in Singapore expensive?

On an average, international primary schools in Singapore cost somewhere in the range of SG$ 18,000 SG$38,000 per annum. However, for ninety percent of the schools this amount is only indicative of the Annual Tuition Fee on top of which parents have to pay for extracurricular activities that the child pursues at school.

Thus, the total cost of sending the child in an international primary school in Singapore turns out to be hefty for expat parents who have no choice but to select a private international school for their children.

Looking for an affordable international primary school in Singapore that offers quality education? Check out the Annual Tuition Fees at GIIS that offers a robust primary school education.

How does GIIS stand out as a premium but affordable primary school?

The mission of GIIS is to provide equal educational opportunity to all. With Excellent education, outstanding facilities and a nurturing environment, the primary education at GIIS is an impressive package with fees that are 40% lower than other international schools in Singapore.

The moderately priced school fees at GIIS does not mean compromise on the quality of education in any manner. The facilities and academic Programmes offered at GIIS are top class and are aligned with the schools vision of nurturing students into well-rounded individuals who are ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Offerings that make GIIS primary education premium but affordable

Multiple Curricula

We, at GIIS, understand the requirements of the expat parents who come from diverse backgrounds. Hence, we offer a choice of curricula to the students who can choose between IB PYP, the most recognised international framework for primary years and CBSE, the national curriculum of India that equips primary grade students with deep academic knowledge.

Students can choose and switch between two curricula

GIIS is the only school in Singapore that offers an international curriculum like IB PYP at a fee which is 40% lower than other international schools in Singapore. In fact, there is also no other school that offers a choice of the curricula at the primary level.

Know more about the IB PYP and CBSE curricula.

Top notch facilities

Both the GIIS campuses in Singapore – SMART Campus at Punggol and East Coast campus in Cheviot Hill are technologically equipped to offer a nextgen learning environment that is required in the fundamental years

At the age of five, our primary grade students are introduced to Asias first SMART Campus that comes laced with latest facilities like digital classrooms, student lounge, learning commons, SPEDAS (Data Analytics in Sports), state-of-the-art Multi-Purpose Hall, all of which together deliver an exceptional learning environment to students.

Primary Grade Students Enjoy Learning Through Technology

Experts suggest that the current generation of students learn better with new technologies and flexible approaches. With access to facilities like Makers Lab, Graphic Design Studio, SMART boards in classroom, Radio and TV Studio, the primary grade students at GIIS are exposed to new ways of learning and imbibing on knowledge.

Wide choice of ECA/CCA at no extra cost

The primary grade students can select from 35 Extra-curricular activities and 12 Co-curricular activities, many of which are unique skills rarely taught at the primary school level. A couple of these are Culinary Art and Radio and TV Production. None of the ECAs and CCAs are chargeable separately and are part of the tuition fee. Besides this, the ECAs and CCAs are part of the curriculum and are conducted during the school hours for which students dont need to stay back after school hours.

Primary Graders Enjoy Wide Choice of ECA & CCA in Excellent Facilities

Through a wide choice of ECA and CCA activities, GIIS makes the learning of the students more wholesome and helps them hone their skills in multiple areas, without putting extra financial burden on the parents.

Click here to know more about the Primary Programme at GIIS.

Get in touch with our friendly admission counsellors to know more about GIIS premium but affordable Primary Education.

GIIS is a well-established school that is known for its remarkable IBDP and Cambridge results. The school starts preparing the students for higher academic challenges since the primary grades. Higher order skills like research, collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creative thinking are introduced to the students at an early age so that they are ahead of the curve by the time they transit to secondary grades.

The premium primary education at GIIS is within the reach of parents who have high aspirations for their children and are looking for options within the affordable fee category.

GSF Team

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