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IB Learner Profile and How our Students Inculcate it

The International Baccalaureate (IB) programme is designed to provide students with an immersive and multicultural academic experience. Not only are students in this programme involved in rigorous academic studies, but they are encouraged to develop a global perspective that will help them succeed in an interactive economy with many participants from around the world.

The IB programme seeks to develop specific qualities in each of its students, which are better known in the IB community as learner profiles. Schools that offer the IB programme plan their pedagogy and design their academic environment to facilitate the development of the following learner profiles:


Rather than asking students to sit quietly, listen to a lecture and take notes, the IB programme seeks to encourage students to ask questions. Those who developed the IB framework believe that an inquiry-led approach is the best way for students to truly learn the presented material. In order to develop this learner profile, students often engage in open-ended discussion and have plenty of opportunities to create their own theories, test them and record the results. At GIIS, teachers take on the role of facilitators, and students guide the discussion and the lesson with their questions.


This learner profile extends beyond acquiring and retaining facts. The IB programme believes that a student becomes fully knowledgeable when they see the benefit of collecting and using their knowledge. They learn the different tools and resources that can be used to acquire new knowledge. Some of the best ways to develop this learner profile among students are to offer exchange programmes between schools that connect students with different cultures and upbringing and interactive conferences that expose students to innovative ways to gather and utilise new knowledge.

Our students are not only taught but also nurtured to become global citizens

For example, at GIIS, our students participate in the Real World Convention Challenge, an annual event where students showcase their skills and enjoy friendly competition related to learning and knowledge.


Children are born with an open mind, but educators have to work with students to help them retain that ability to remain open and objective to the world around them. Students who are enrolled in the IB programme are encouraged to keep a global outlook in everything they do. They are often exposed to a diverse range of cultures throughout their educational experience. This helps students develop a better understanding and appreciation for people who are different from them.

At GIIS, we appreciate and recognise cultural diversity by celebrating the different customs and special holidays around the world, such as Deepavali, Halloween and Thanksgiving.


As children become students, they are often focused on achieving their own goals and acquiring the knowledge they need to succeed. In the IB programme, students are not only taught, but they are also nurtured to become global citizens. They are trained to be caring and empathetic. They are taught to consider the needs of their community as a whole as well as the needs of the environment. At GIIS, our students participate in activities such as the Singapore Kindness Movement, and they also learn to protect the environment by raising awareness about the importance of sustainability.


Leaders in any industry are required to be effective communicators, so it’s imperative that students start honing their communication skills from an early age. Students are given many different opportunities to engage in discussion and practice their communication skills in the IB programme.

At GIIS, teachers encourage two-way communications between students and facilitate dialogue. In addition, they create learning experiences that require students to speak in front of their classmates and others, which gives them a chance to develop the public speaking skills that they will use throughout their adult lives.

At Global Indian International School, the desired IB learner profiles perfectly complement our schools core values. We actively work to develop these learner profiles in our IB students by offering them access to rigorous academic coursework taught by world-class educators and allowing them to work in a dynamic and inclusive classroom setting where discussion is encouraged.

For more information about the IB programme at GIIS, check out our IB Primary Years Programme and IB Diploma programmes. You might also consider signing up for a school tour and visit us in person to see our campus and programmes in action.

Melissa Maria

GIIS Singapore SMART Campus principal, Ms Melissa Maria’s journey as an educator started when she was only 16 and continued in the field after she completed her Master’s degree in History and Bachelor’s degree in Education. For over 25 years now, she has been at the forefront of introducing new ideas and methodologies to education. She is also the City Coordinator for Singapore, selected by the CBSE Board for Grade 10 and 12 exams, 2021, managing two other international schools besides GIIS. With numerous achievements sprinkled across her distinguished career, Ms. Maria has been recognised for her efforts as a Mindef volunteer by the Singapore government.

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